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Andrew Garfield

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Claire Foy and Andrew Garfield bring to life a love story in Breathe | By Baz Bamigboye

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Claire Foy is clear about why the real-life couple who lived life to the full after the husband was paralysed from the neck down by polio stayed together: 'It was love, actually.' The actress, who won a Golden Globe for her brilliant portrait of the Queen in TV drama series The Crown, portrays another formidable woman in the film Breathe, directed by actor-filmmaker Andy Serkis and starring the Oscar- nominated Andrew Garfield. They play Robin and Diana Cavendish, the offspring of ancient English families. He was a captain in the King's Royal Rifle Corps who became a tea-planter in Kenya; she was Diana Blacker, a society beauty.
They married in 1957. But soon afterwards, when Robin was just 28, he was struck down by polio, paralysed from the neck down and forced to use a respirator. 'When Robin became ill, it gave her [Diana] a clear set of rules,' Foy told me this week when we discussed the film (which she shot last summer) as she sat in the make-up trailer on the set of The Crown, preparing to film Elizabeth's first Christmas broadcast. 'In a way, Diana knew that she'd have to be the person who was boss. He'd always been that person. But she had to pull herself together and become very organising, very capable and very strong.'
Robin and Diana's son Jonathan Cavendish, a film producer, commissioned writer Bill Nicholson to pen the screenplay for Breathe. He said his father's first thought after being struck down by polio was to 'turn off the machine'. 'My mother was only 25,' said Jonathan. 'His view was: "You can start again." But she wasn't having any of it.' Foy concurred. 'She wasn't going anywhere. That's the thing I found the easiest to understand: she loved him! She was going through it with him. There was no cutting and running, as far as she was concerned. That wasn't ever going to be an option.'
In terms of her character, Foy said: 'The most important thing to get was their love for each other. I didn't want to over-sentimentalise her; and she definitely doesn't want to be seen as a saint, or an angel, or incredible sort of nurse. It was just actually love.' Jonathan was a producer on Bridget Jones's Diary and runs the Imaginarium Studio with Serkis. He said it was sometimes 'odd' looking at his past, but he wanted to honour his parents because he believed they made a difference in the lives of others.
Garfield said that though Robin was unable to move, it didn't stop him from getting out into the world. He and Diana had an 'inability to accept the false limitations society and culture … were putting on them'. With the help of Teddy Hall, an engineer, Robin designed a special respirator that would allow him to travel. Diana would drive him in a van that was hooked up to the machine. They had some madcap escapades on the road, some of which have made it into the film, which will open on October 27.
'The amazing thing was that everyone around Robin became his body,' Garfield said. 'He became the mastermind behind all this invention.' Garfield noted that more than just a soul mate, 'Diana was Robin's access to the world'. He had 'tremendous dependence, physically and emotionally, on Diana' - which meant Garfield had to depend a lot on Foy. 'I would treat her body as my body,' he says. 'There's a beautiful symmetry and synchronicity there. 'I was in character most of the time and couldn't move. I had to be bathed, have help to go to the toilet. We had to show those moments, fleetingly. But we also had to show that Robin and Diana remained romantically attractive to each other.'

Originally given three months to live, Robin died in 1994, aged 64. However, Garfield said being around Diana and Jonathan - and friends and family - allowed him to absorb something of Robin's personality, and glimpse the man inside the respirator. 'One of his friends told me that everything was more likely to be funny than not,' Garfield said. 'That ability and awareness to see the absurdity and beauty of life is what made him special.' In 1970, Robin and Dr Geoffrey Spencer, a polio specialist, set up a charity - now called The Cavendish Spencer Trust - which continues to provide holidays for severely disabled and respirator-dependent people.

Mark Shenton: 14 unforgettable stage debuts

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Andrew Garfield (2004)

The LA-born, British-raised Garfield is now an international movie star, Oscar-nominated this year for Hacksaw Ridge and known for playing the title role in The Amazing Spider-Man.
But he began his acting career on stage, first with a youth theatre in Epsom, and then progressing to professional theatre, where, in a review for The Stage, Natalie Anglesey wrote of his performance in Kes in 2004 at Manchester's Royal Exchange: "The pivotal role of young Billy Casper is beautifully realised by Andrew Garfield, making his Exchange debut. He subtly involves us in his transition from stoical acceptance of his unhappy lot to the liberating freedom he experiences during his time with the bird Kes."
Garfield returned to the Exchange in 2005 to star in Romeo and Juliet, about which Lyn Gardner wrote in the Guardian: "His performance has that no-brakes whiff of danger that marks out the interesting Romeos from the indifferent ones." He has remained committed to the theatre even after his film stardom, appearing on Broadway in Death of a Salesman in 2012 and returning to the National to star in its new production of Angels in America this summer.

Angels in America

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Andrew Garfield to Star as Afghanistan War Reporter in Indie ‘Black Lion’

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Andrew Garfield will star as real-life Afghanistan War reporter Carlos Mavroleon in the indie "Black Lion" for Stay Gold Pictures, the company announced Tuesday.

Garfield will also produce the film with Rupert Fowler and Daniela Taplin Lundberg, with Nicholas Mavroleon, Aidan Hartley, and Alessandro Camon as executive producers. The project is based off a pitch by Camon, who received an Oscar nomination in 2010 for co-writing the screenplay for "The Messenger."

Mavroleon was the Harvard-educated heir to an English/Greek shipping empire who decided to leave Wall Street behind and take on the most dangerous assignments in journalism.

"Black Lion" will retell the story of his final assignment for "60 Minutes," in which he was tasked to sneak into tribal zones in Afghanistan shortly after U.S. air strikes in 1998. He discovered the Pakistani link between Al-Qaeda and the Taliban and was shortly thereafter discovered dead in a motel room in Pakistan.

CAA packaged this deal and will represent its domestic distribution rights. Garfield, who is hot off his Oscar nomination for his lead performance in "Hacksaw Ridge," will appear later this year in the A24 neo-noir film "Under the Silver Lake," which is also produced and co-financed by Stay Gold.

I'm back

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Tak jsem konečně zpět :) Původně jsem se chtěla vrátit o něco dřív, ale bohužel se vyskytly nějaké osobní důvody, a nyní
i zdravotní. 13.dubna jsem byla na odběru krve, kvůli štítné žláze. Štítnou žlázu mám nakonec v pořádku, ale zjistilo se,
že mám vysoký cholesterol, takže jsem na dietě.
Od pondělí mě začaly dost bolet záda a celkově jsem taková unavená.
Co se týká blogu, tak bych chtěla udělat pár změn, ale zatím nevím, kdy se na to vrhnu.
Andrew nemá moc novinek, tak mám takové menší volno :D
Přednastavila jsem na květen pár článků, tak doufám, že brzy budou nějaké novinky. Co se týká obíhání affs,
tak začnu v pátek. Aktivní budu vždy v pátek, sobotu a neděli.
Tak snad vás tento krátký článek neunudil k smrti :DD